Astra Militarum Sentinel


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The Astra Militarum Sentinel is a small, agile, and heavily armed military vehicle used by the Imperial Guard (now known as the Astra Militarum) in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is a versatile and heavily armed vehicle, used for a variety of roles including reconnaissance and fire support.

The Sentinel is equipped with a variety of weapons. These can include a heavy bolter, multi-laser, autocannon, or lascannon mounted on a turret. The Sentinel can also support a searchlight and smoke launchers. This wide range of load outs allows the walker to carry out reconnaissance missions and provide cover for friendly units. The Sentinel stalks through battle fields on two legs, which allows it to navigate rough terrain and even hover above the ground.

In terms of armour, the Sentinel is protected by thick, heavily-reinforced plates, making it resistant to small arms fire and shrapnel. However, it is vulnerable to heavy artillery and anti-tank weapons, and as such is typically used to support larger, more heavily armoured units.

The Sentinel is crewed by a single driver. It is used by a variety of regiments within the Astra Militarum, and can be deployed in a range of environments and climates. Its small size and agility make it well-suited for urban warfare.

Overall, the Astra Militarum Sentinel is a valuable asset to the Imperial Guard, providing reconnaissance and fire support in a variety of roles on the battlefield. Its versatility and armament make it a formidable opponent, and it is widely used by the Astra Militarum in a variety of environments and climates.

What’s in the Astra Militarum Sentinel box?

This product contains parts to build either 1x Scout Sentinel or 1x Armoured Sentinel. which can be equipped with a multi-laser, heavy flamer, autocannon, lascannon, plasma cannon or a missile launcher as well as other optional accessories including a Sentinel chainsword, searchlight and smoke launchers.

Miniatures are supplied un-assembled and un-painted