Chaos Space Marine Raptors


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Elite shock troops of the traitor legions, squads of Chaos Space Marines Raptors strike terror from the skies above. Expand your force and get up close and personal with these highly detailed Citadel models

About Chaos Space Marine Raptors

Raptor Squads are a type of Chaos Space Marine unit known for their speed and ferocity in battle. They are often equipped with jetpacks, which allow them to quickly close the distance with their enemies and unleash devastating attacks in close combat. Raptor Squads are usually small in number, often consisting of only a handful of Chaos Space Marines, but they are incredibly deadly.

The Chaos Space Marines are masters of the dark arts and have access to powerful weapons and equipment that is not available to the loyal Space Marines. They are also able to call upon the power of the Chaos Gods to grant them terrifying abilities in battle. Raptor Squads are no exception, and they are known to possess powerful jump packs that allow them to soar through the air and descend upon their enemies with deadly speed.

In combat, Raptor Squads prefer to strike quickly and unexpectedly, catching their enemies off guard and overwhelming them with sheer ferocity. They are skilled at using their jump packs to gain the upper hand, allowing them to attack from unexpected angles and take their foes by surprise. Raptor Squads are also known for their proficiency with close combat weapons, and they are often armed with lightning claws, power swords, and other deadly implements.

Despite their small size, Raptor Squads are incredibly dangerous foes, and they are feared by their enemies for their speed and ferocity. They are the perfect embodiment of the Chaos Space Marines’ ruthless desire to crush their foes and spread chaos and destruction across the galaxy.

What’s in the Chaos Space Marine Raptors box?

This product contains parts to build 5x Chaos Space Marine Raptor models.

Miniatures are supplied un-assembled and un-painted