Death Guard Poxwalkers


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Blessed by Grandfather Nurgle, Poxwalkers shamble across the battlefields of the 41st millennium in support of the Death Guard. They are blighted with disease and mutated beyond recognition. Poxwalkers arm themselves with anything to hand; tools, broken bones and splintered wood as they advance on the enemy to share their “gifts”. Many are also weapons in of themselves, sporting horns, clubbed fists and any other malign mutation concocted by their overlord.

The ideal meat shield for the slow march of the Death Guard. A unit (or hoarde!) of Poxwalkers is the perfect complement for any force in the service of Chaos.

What’s in the Death Guard Poxwalkers box?

This product contains parts to build 10 Death Guard Poxwalker models equipped with an array of close combat weapons and mutations and is supplied with 10 25mm Round bases.

Miniatures are supplied un-assembled and un-painted