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Sync Google Drive To Linux.

I’m currently working on making sure all my data is backed up and wanted to sync it across all my devices, so I’ve been exploring how to sync Google Drive to Linux.

Looking at Google Drive’s documentation, it’s clear they only support Windows and Mac. No surprise there. But with Linux, you can guarantee there’s a way to do it.

Naturally my first step was to check the software repository for a solution and I thought “great, I can just use Open Drive!”.

But, no.

The minute you try to sync your account, Google tells you the “Browser is insecure” and it wouldn’t let you advance any further at all.

So I naturally turned to Google and found a way to sync Google Drive to Linux, which I will share with you here.

My current set up is running Linux Mint 19.1, so I will be guiding you based on that, note variations may apply for different distros.

Install GNOME Online Accounts

Open terminal

Type and enter: sudo apt install gnome-online-accounts

Open & Configure Online Accounts

Click the start icon

type “Online Accounts”

Click the Online Accounts Icon.

Under the “Add and account” header, select Google

Enter your login details and grant GNOME access to the account

Tell it to sync files (and any other service you want to sync)

Then you should see your google drive show up as a network location.

Job done, your Google Drive account is now synced up to your Linux Machine.